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My 12 hour 100k mission has been only showing a 12 hour 60k scavenger mission. Is this something scopely changed or is it a bug. I still have my 5 day scavenger mission with no issues so does anyone know anything about why my 100k has gone down to 60k cause it hurts bad in lvl up

It’s a different mission.


100K = You got Lucky
60k = Bricks & Mortar

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So there r three scavenger missions now to help u lvl up? The 5 day one. The 60k one and the 100k one which i havent seen since the 60k started showing up

I know nothing about a 5 day exp mission.

Do not do any more gold missions if you want YGL to show up regularly.

So how many different scavenger missions are there for lvl up?

Including the ones that sometimes give bonus XP if the random encounter pops and is passed but not counting the single completion gold missions, there are 8. But the only 2 practical ones are ygl (100k) and brick and mortar (60k).

Also, btw, this is the typical advice given regarding gold missions.

Take my advice and do NOT do any more gold missions once you do the first 10 to unlock YGL. If you have done more STOP.

I did not have this information when I started playing the game and did all 20. You will practically NEVER see YGL if you do all 20. You will get tons of useless outdated wood missions that take days for tiny amounts and other missions that have 10-30 day cooldowns that clog your queue.

I have had it once in the last 3 1/2 weeks no matter how many other missions I complete or abort it never wants to show up.

What a shitty system. For those unfortunate enough to not have been given this information early on it really is detrimental when trying to compete.

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Yep that why I pretty much have had to give up on level up tourneys. Putting up 1.25 without the help of at least one YGL is a pain in the rear. I usually tank any non special event one and just prep so I can be ready for them like the road warrior one we just had.

A complete overhaul of the the scav camps would get my vote every time. Or at the very least an option to reset the gold missions so I could redo the first 10 and stop.

90% of the scavenger missions are so outdated. Really could use an overhaul but why fix outdated content when you can create new bugged features

Sadly they won’t. No profit.

I am willing to do anything at this point. I would even go as far as to say I would pay for a reset to the gold missions. I’m sure thousands if not tens of thousands would for the opportunity.

Do it scopely. I want a gold scav mission reset key. :smirk:

Remember, the gold missions (shown in @Ladygeek’s post) also offer XP and are pretty long - usually many days. So I assume @renegaderob18 is confusing the one-time gold missions with the “permanent” missions.

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