Scavenger Crate Issue - [UPDATE Apr 17]


We are aware of an issue where Red Flags and Black Flags obtained from the currently running Scavenger Crate (available from 2 PM PST 4/16/19 to 2 PM PST 4/17/19) are not showing up in inventory. We will be sending the correct number of flags to all affected players via inbox message in the next 48 hours.

Thank you for your patience!

Axel does it again
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When will you give us free stuff though :thinking:

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thanks to you for the news and doing a fix for it

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Sweet. Please send [insert sufficient number of flags to max out Axel] my way, because that is honestly what I pulled.

Also, please include Axel…


Give us a dam war box!


Actually, those that we got from the roadmap didn’t show as well, were those scavenger crates?

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