Scavenger camp You got lucky

so the You got Lucky scavenger camp that rewards with 100k XP is really lucky for some. Twice now it has disappeared on me when we have solo level up and others have round the clock serving up of this!
How can anyone compete in this game when this happens! Seriously scopely! Coupled with start and finish times that help Northern hemisphere players this is something that will put me and others out of the game. They can all load their players up well ahead of everyone else, win the awards etc…im mad. Not only cant i win a toon after blowing coins for weeks on end. its a joke on me. No more spend from me. Thanks.


Do the short scav missions, abort the long ones. Works for me sometimes

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it is a bit of a Micky take, I have 2 tier 6* to level up and no YGL, I haven’t had it for a week, but my other region I have it all the time or at least coin it.

If that was the case, Reload would show up every damn day and coins would be the last of my trouble. But I do The Willing, The Pass, and a few Raising the Barn when it shows.

This right here is going to be my 4th 100k this tournament. It always seems to work well on popping back up when you coin them near the end and when you coin them back in to do another one. It has work for me anyways.

well, what is odd is that I do this YGL every day at pretty much the same time, then it disappears when its really important. Also starting and aborting hasnt helped, i just have fewer scav hunts open to do if i want.

Its a conspiracy! hah ha

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Iv had that happen before when the tournament starts I couldn’t get a 100k to save my life. For a while now iv keep the 100k going as much as possible (mainly trying to ascend sid from a blue 4*) and since iv been using it a lot lately it seems to pop up more but who knows it could just be luck

Just post up your toons in a YGL and don’t collect it until the tournament starts, works flawlessly for me and my faction

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It seems like which prestige mission you can refresh is different for everyone. I think I get YGL like once every week or so and when I complete it, there’s no option for me to refresh it. However, I can refresh Breakdown and the mission that gives you 5* tokens seemingly all the time.

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