Scavenger Camp Strategys?

Hi there Team, what strategy’s are you all using for your Scavenger Camp management? I have 3, the highest level one being at 15, I use the “Got Lucky” mission at every opportunity, as well as collecting cans .
Is there an advantage to maxing out the camps? Or should I leave them at level 15 ( I had read somewhere that this was a tactic)?

You’re free to max them out level-wise I’m pretty certain. It’s the story missions you need to stop at or it’ll slow your YGL rate

If you max them out you may lose on YGL, it becomes very sporadic then.
at each camp level, a new gold mission is unlocked. Thats one advantage i know.

Silence is golden is the last gold mission you should do. Do not do anymore, it can cause YGL to show up a lot less

You want the camps maxed at level 20. Otherwise you can’t send five 5* or 6* at T4.

Just don’t do past the 10th gold mission. I think @Opie is right that it’s the one called Silence is Golden.

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Ah - I have already well in truly gone past Silence is golden, I might as well push on and max them out, thanks all for your help, much appreciated.

No don’t. The more you do, the less you’ll see YGL.

I can go over a month without seeing it once on my first region.

Sweet - I will leave them where they are, or if I was to break them down and rebuild them to level 10…

Each gold mission unlocks multiple other missions. The more you unlock, the less likely YGL is to appear. So better to stop doing gold missions now.

I found out after doing just 3 or 4 past Silence is Golden, and just those few are enough that I can go well over a week without seeing it sometimes.

Rebuilding won’t help. The camp level only dictates the number and level of toons you can send (dog tags). Build them to level 20 so you have no restrictions. Just ignore the gold mission that’s in the list

I have done 15 of the gold missions, and I tend to do YGL 2-3 times per level up comp, YGL seems to hide behind red missions or 8 hour Orange missions, I use 2 of the camps to run red missions, and one camp to run orange, ( which are shorter), and then do the YGL form the camp that was otherwise running Orange when it comes up.

I would say You Got Lucky then :joy:

In all honesty, it does seem to have improved lately, but i still often go several days without seeing it. I always Free Skip the short ones, and abort longer ones. Or ill run them if I’ve already got YGL, just won’t collect until I’m trying to get it back.

I also never abort more than 2 in a row. After 2, it seems to have no effect for me. If there’s no other options, ill wait an hour or two, then try aborting 2 more. There’s almost always 2-3 days a week i can’t get it at all. Sometimes longer.

In other regions, i stopped at the 10th gold mission, and all i have to do is abort or complete one, and YGL is back, every single time.

are you positive about it being the gold mission and not at all affected by camp level? any chance you know a post that supports that?

I’ve left my camps at level 10, and get good rate on YGL. But it is sometimse pretty annoying to get all 100k YGL points and also getting a guaranteed success rate

I’m 100% positive about the way it works. Been dealing with and posting about the issues with it for years now. There’s actually quite a few threads on all of it, and most of them include discussions that go over all of this in greater detail. But i can tell you from personal.experience and testing it is the gold missions that matter.

Search for “YGL”, “you got lucky”, and “you got unlucky”. Those should find everything you’re looking for. If you still can’t find it let me know and I’ll try to help dig it up.

depend show regular is regular
I’ve done all missions and I think I get ygl at least once every level up tourney