Scavenger camp or maternal

Once everything is level 20 is it better to have 4 scavenger camps or sould you keep a maternal post? I have 3 camps and one post but thinking 4 camps be best since im getting material other ways. Advice would be appreciated. Thxs

I personally went with an extra scavenger camp and I try to keep them all three going 24 seven. I found that the materials post was a hindrance and a pain to keep trying to sell off or hide material.

Go for the extra Scavenger Camp, material is easy to come across anyway - Survival Road, Raids, Arena, at least with the Scav camps, you can randomly gain XP, Cans, Coins etc. Much better with the camps.

Scavenger camp.

You have a camp for making babies? What version are you on?? :rofl:

I have 4 scavs and have found a material post to be unnecessary as others have said.

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