Scavenger Camp help

What level scavenger camp do i need in öder yo get the you got lucky mission (100k Xp mission)? Dora anyone know?

You need to work through missions to unlock it as well. Not too sure about the level though.

Level 10, and the gold missions up to that point (Silence is Golden). Don’t do gold missions after that (Downtown and later).

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Why stop at silence is golden? Actually i only need 100k Xp mission :slight_smile:

You unlock more different scavenger missions the more gold missions you do, but you don’t get more slots to select from. Most of the later ones are worse than the earlier ones and have longer cooldowns, which makes it harder to cycle for the ones you really want.

You can upgrade the scavenger camps with no bad consequences, but doing the gold missions after Silence is Golden, which unlocks the prestige missions including the 100k XP one, is very much not recommended and is something you can not undo.


Thanks for the answer but i might have done them or at least most of them :frowning:

Sorry to hear that Omer, sounds like you’re in the same boat as a lot of us

Stop doing them. If you’ve got to say 17, you’ll still be in a better position than somebody who got to 20

Punished for doing well smh @WalkerTexasRanger

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I read somewhere that people who coded the scavenger camp left the company and the mechanism of it is complicated. Therefore, scopely can’t make any changes without screwimg it. However, in my opinion, there is no earnings in the camp so nobody cares about it. We all know the drill i guess. If there is a problem and it doesn’t bring any revenue, it will be there forever.

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