Scavenger Camp: Bonus Rewards

Hello all,

Many of you from the old forum know that I did a whole bunch of work into the requirements for the bonus rewards from Scavenger Camps. This unfortunately got buried when Scopley decided that the old forum should die and whilst one or two have posted my work here, I figured it was worth having a dedicated thread.

Few caveats for those who haven’t seen this before:

  1. I produced this in late 2016, and the sheet hasn’t been updated since January 2017. Not that it matters hugely - the scav camps haven’t changed in that time - but it is incomplete in places.

  2. There is a lot of base information in the sheet about how scav camp bonus rewards work, read this.

  3. This is not about succeeding the mission, but obtaining the bonus rewards from the Random Encounters.

Please post any questions here. Feel free to share across the WD:RTS world, all I ask for in return is credit for the effort I put in.!AlhSZZpOTMqVe45z5FooBlenZOk