Scav missions Update (potential Ideas)


As we all know the scav camp is majorly outdated, with there being only 2/3 viable missions and they often dont turn up on the list ,as they are hidden by ridiculous cool downs for missions for uterly useless rewards ,so i thought i would create a post where we could suggest potential new missions.

  1. Class A Hunter- Length 24 hrs- Cool down 6 days - Bonus Requirements Hunters - Rewards night vision (6) ( 4 alpenstocks for fulfilling bonus requirements)
    This mission could be repeated for every persona with same perimeters

  2. Fire Sale- Length 4 hrs- Cool down 8 hrs- (No Bonus requirements) - Rewards wrinkled shirts and gloves (25 of each)

  3. Tape fixes all- length 24hrs -cool down 6 days (Unsure of requirements)- Reward Duct tape (polishing kit for requirements)
    Can be repeated for PK as well

  4. Smelting run 4 hrs- Cool down 8 hrs - Reward 100 crude Bronze
    Repeated for metal cutters

  5. Personal Training- 12 hrs- cool down 36 hrs - Rewards box with either Lilith or Ulysses (extra box for requirements)

  6. The Sacrificial Lamb- 12 hrs- cooldown 36hrs -Rewards Benedict (bonus Basil for requirements)

  7. Race for first - 24 hrs- 6 days - rewards (100 gold medals) (bonus 150k silver medals)

  8. Fuel Run- 24 hrs - 24 hr cooldown - Rewards raid/sr/teritory/war or world can

  9. Limited time mission - rewards tokens or currency for the current ongoing event

Now i got bored and couldn’t be bothered to write anymore, but there is tons of options out there and would love to here your thoughts on my ideas, i didnt put 6* gear in here as i think it should have a slight challenge to get, (6* gear map)


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I like the idea of it.