Scav missions still crashing game

Shortly after sending toons out on scav missions the game crashes and restarts me where I was before the mission… pretty pissed off that I sent toons out on bricks and mortar then went and used two silver tokens. Game reset and I lost the revolver I just got off 23-8

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Same happening with me

Happened to me also. Cancelled a mission and had the You Got Lucky (100k XP) on cooldown for 14 minutes.

Received the rewards went to claim them and my game froze and reloaded.

Did that like 4 - 5 times. Now it seems it stabilized but no YGL and no rewards. Contacted the support. Let’s see what they have to say.

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Contacted support no reply yet

Same here, seems to be these two so far that keep crashing it… Hope it’s fixed before level up…

How does this keep happening over and over? Every update breaks so many parts of the game.


It’s not a crash, but a reload. Issue is known and fixed for an upcoming update.

So betas are just screwed until said update?

Looks that way. Probably says so in the fine print that no one reads when joining the beta.

It happened to me. I used gold to accelerate a mission of 100k, put the characters and sent them on the mission. No problem any more.

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