Scav Mission AR level up bug

I just claimed the ‘A Friendly Wager’ Scav mission but the AR level up bonus did not apply. I had two 6* out on the mission and the animation showed decap Sandy getting the bonus. Her AR was 8/10 before the mission and it is still 8/10. :disappointed:

As anyone else had this problem?
Support hasn’t replied to my last two questions so I’ve given up contacting them.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Are you sure it didn’t go to the other toon? It usually applies to the lowest level if you have more than one unmaxed so maybe it went to the other toon?

Otherwise you probably won’t get anywhere without screenshots or more people reporting this. My advice would be to take screenshots next time so at least you can prove the error. Personally I run AFW a lot and haven’t had this, although I always run 4 maxed AR toons so it always goes to the 1 unmaxed AR toon I send.

The other toon is still 1/10. But yeah, no screens were taken. :disappointed:

I wouldnt put two toons with AR needs on that mission, one at a time rig it.

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So if you put 1/10 and 8/10 toons, I believe the 1/10 toon would get the AR. However, it he’s still 1/10 it clearly didn’t get anything. All I can suggest is keep trying with support and take screenshots next time

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