Scav mission accidental collection poll


It used to be that we were able to force close our game to stop collection of a scav mission but they took that away. I’m sure this has been talked about before but don’t think it’s been brought up in a while and i just had it happen to me so I wanted to bring it up again. It’s extremely frustrating to save a 100k or 60k scav mission for days waiting for a level up and then accidentally collect it the day before one is set to start. I just did this today on a 100k mission that was worth about 400k level up points. Please make a confirm collection button so we can save our missions for level ups since not everyone gets the xp missions the same amount of times. And no the solution to this shouldn’t be to just run non-stop level ups like we have had before this week.

  • I want scavenger missions to have a “confirm collection” button.
  • I want scavenger missions to stay the way they are.
  • I want to be able to stop collection by force closing my device.

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Well that didn’t work… lol. Anyone who knows how to make a poll I’d appreciate helping me out here. Thanks.