Scav camps still not working


I have done every mission and still cant get prestige missions in 3 places I play and i am not a low level player. Contacted support repeatedly to register the problem to get a the same canned answer repeatedly. I quit. Uninstall. Last straw. 486 days logged in on one account and over 425 on another. Means nothing to scopely. Bye.


Just wondering what is your prestige and is your highest camp level. Certain things can be so with those being highest levels. Other then that is just not do missions at all let the expiries and hope more come back.
Or is your having luck like I did for months at the start camps I got only 1 to do for weeks, if was lucky and I was prestige 12 and all 4 camp maxed. Even I go through dry days.


I am almost at Prestige 13 (been playing since Day 1 of game), and my camp levels are maxed, and scav missions have been shitty for the last month. I used to get You Got Lucky 3-4 times per level up tourney, and prestige missions daily. Now…nothing. Complete garbage. Scopley is actively driving people out of their game.


Well you could try doing my first suggestion and not and missions let the times out.


I think the reason I would not any is that I did every one no matter what so my 4 camps were always running so when they finished, is be on that dry spell for weeks. It would suck. Now I don’t and unless the can be done in a few hours or skipped. Haven’t been on a dry spell yet.
Now when I want a ygl to popup I start and abort the red ones (check after abort) if the ygl is not on timer yes then coin or wait, if not start and abort another red one, rinse and repeat tool ygl shows up.
But this didn’t work till I stopped do and camp for weeks even if they showed unless it was a ygl then I’d do it but not open till a lvl up started




@mhoguersl Oh if u happen to come back, I would recommend doing some GoldMissions in your scav camp.

@Snakeeyes914 If u used to get it 3-4 times a weekend then I’m guessing you have not completed many of the gold missions. try doing the gold missions.