Scav Camp Reset

I like some of you out their suffer from a unfair advantage other users have in level up events.

I unlocked all my gold missions, not paying much attention to what i was doing & I increased my scav mission pool.

No matter what tricks & tips iv been told to try You Got Lucky Just does not reappear after iv used it , weather i abort or complete & i end up with no scav missions for 22hrs+ most the time.

Anybody who stopped the gold missions after You Got Lucky was unlocked can abort one mission after You got lucky was used & it reappears Even with the extra prestige 10 missions.

Please Help Im Loseing my mind not being able to hit 2m+ scores.


Please Post If this grinds your gears , lets start a movement people viva la scav reset!

The revolution must continue

Fix this. Either give the option to reset the gold missions, just reset everyone’s and let us all redo them to 10 so we can stop, require everyone to finish all 20, or redo the scav camp from the ground up.

I still think your best option here is to completely redo the entire scav camp missions and bring them up to date with the current meta. Get rid of all those useless red missions and wood missions and add more XP missions and ones where we can get a piece of t3 and t4 6-star gear and watch the coins roll in.


Making everyone walk the plank so we can all have a pool party together wouldn’t be the most popular fix I’ve seen to a problem…

A pool party is better than no party

No kidding it’s why I said a redo to the scav camp would be the best thing but forcing everyone to 20 is still a viable option that would get us all on the same fair playing ground so then the only thing that should separate the victor is planning and how much money someone is willing to drop. Not that they were clued in to stop doing gold missions after the tenth one.

Better to just push a reset option rather than offering a bad one too. You know what they’re like lol. Perhaps they could just remove the basic wood orange + red missions now from circulation, without the need to reset

They don’t wanna make everyone go to 20. Less gold for them. Which is why it’s crazy that they want to keep players at 20… just make it a permanent feature.

At what player lvl does you got lucky start? My second region is played level 25, scav camp is lvl 12, but iv e never had you got lucky ever. Something called women and children that gives less experience points and takes 1 day 16 hrs to do, and isn t in my main region.

My main region i am player level 110 and scavenger camp is level 14, never had the women and children mission… Do they vary by region?

I was at level 14 and consistently getting the ygl mission each time after doing all the gold missions.

I leveled my camp to 15 and did the Heavy Metal mission (Thinking it was a normal mission) and now I have a 6 - 24 Hr wait most of the time for YGL. It really sucks, especially when you save up to go for a top spot, then when you do, don’t get the ygl mission coming up.

I do find that not doing ANY scav missions is generally a good strategy in making ygl come up more often as you’ll have more missions you can abort to get ygl back in your list.

For me now, the scav camp missions are a wasted feature. I rarely do them, unless I don’t care about the level up event.