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Not sure if your department is specific to combat or not, but was wondering if this can be implemented to avoid the accidental opening of YGL when switching scav camps. The way I see it you can switch between training grounds and workshops without collecting the characters/items, the same concept should apply to scav camps. I know it’s been brought up before, but I’m just hopeful.

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It is not my department, but me and @Agrajag was discussing about that last week, I think we should create an enhancement card for that. What do you say, Agrajag?

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As a temp solution, what I do is every time I start a YGL mission, I move that camp to corner somewhere.

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Used to be able to exit the app when this happened in the past. They got rid of that for some reason.

I do too. I accidentally switched between camps and lost a cool mil in points…ugh

Yes please do sort this out as Sunday I swiped my iPad and it collected a 800k for level up,so set again another one and guess what it happened to me again lost 1.6mill altogether so this level up can do one really annoyed,as other camps you have to go in and collect where one slight swipe on your screen over it collects it,and also on scavenger I mentioned to Kali about 8 months ago about the drop down menu being extended so we can see all missions but nothing on this either,again waiting on ygl and taking days to see it again.

They removed this feature in the past, it’s part of the game, it shouldn’t be that hard to pay attention to your camps. Sometimes mistakes happen, that sucks but we all have to deal with them.

That’s a terrible attitude to have. Especially when a dev said that they’ve talked about it before, meaning they recognize it’s an issue. Why would they remove the feature? That doesn’t seem right unless there was something wrong related to it. That means they removed the feature to fix a bug without the intentions of removing the feature…which means it’s a bug.

Thats exactly what I do too. I move it all the way to the top right where I have nothing but farms.

It’s a bug? They removed it over a year ago, if it was a “bug” then there must be some serious issues here.
There’s no solution for making a mistake… it’s not a big deal, it happens, “you’ll get ‘em next time”. Maybe they should eliminate leveling your characters all together unless it’s a lvl up then we couldn’t possibly make a mistake and have to pay the concequences for it!

That’s a humongous vote Yes for my end and I know that I’m saying yes for 29 other people on my faction I probably had at least two people hours before the level up open their Ship by accident. I will say this to y’all if you do open your stuff by accident first thing you want to do is put the game in a easy world map less energy as possible match and then put it in the background and don’t reopen it for quite some time then when you come back to it I’m hoping that it will reset for you and when it comes back around that mission will be available again. I’ve gotten lucky doing it a few times

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