Scamprize box evolves yet again


Wallets. Seem to get smaller and smaller

That’s cuz surprise box gets taller and taller
We gone from ascendbles to 6*


Still no little ‘?’ for these rng packs…

What section of the Apple corp do we ask to get Scope to disclose ALL their odds?


Can someone take a look at the odds of the Aaron stash too? When they introduce the stash they explain “when you pull a toy from the box” bla bla bla they didnt tell the “toys” were weighted lol 44% chance for a bag of food lol


Yep, in this case, the ‘?’ is there and demonstrates it would most likely be the final pull that nets you Aaron at 0.4%


greedy af


The surprise is he’s not actually pullable. 0% :scream:



Not even worth pulling for anyway, by far the worst 6* guardian


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