Scamjoy - completed offer denied reward coins


Completed an offer for 5940 coins. Got a failure when trying to give me the reward. Contacted them and submitted the claim like the FAQ suggested. Sent them screenshots that clearly showed I completed the offer as instructed. Waited for a response for two days. No response. Then I checked the offer in the game and it says “request denied”. Checked email. Still no response from Tapjoy. Checked to see what the status meant - says it was denied due to “suspicious activity”. I guess screenshots of the completed offer and spending money in the other game to complete the offer is considered “suspicious”? Scamjoy should not be trusted. They suck. Waste of 3 days.


By any chance was it a game you had already had currently saved data on?


By any chance, are you new to how this all goes down?


Nope. Brand new downloaded game. Never played it before.


No. Not new. Just am in a faction where a few of my faction mates were getting rewards for completing offers. Decided to give Tapjoy another chance because I was burned by them about a year ago… guess I should have never believed that they changed their deceptive and wrongful practices.


So you know better…


Same thing happened with me. 50k power lvl on a war game ive never played before. Put me out a weeks time and 4k coin. Screenshot proof and stuck on “pending” and waiting on tapjoy to take action.

Not holding my breath.


Tapjoy is shit. No clue why scopely partners with those worms.


lol cause misery loves company :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀:joy::joy:


Yes Prego Lori. Knowing better isn’t the point. Letting others know my experience is the point.


Bunch of my faction mates got that offer to “work”. That is why I attempted this one. I thought maybe they changed their tune. It really makes no sense to me why Tapjoy does this. It costs them nothing and they accomplish what is the desired results - users downloading and installing content to artificially inflate the numbers for an app. It is so obnoxious. Could they actually be worse customer service than Scopely?


Had a similar experience. Sent the screenshots of offer begun, and finished in time allowed, along with my email so they could contact me. When I checked they said that they tried to contact me but did not hear back so they closed the ticket. Of course, no email was ever sent from them and their was no way to reopen the dialogue.

I have read here that this type of thing is very common on offers over a couple hundred coins or so.


These offers typically require you create an account with the game, I use an old email address, but I think some overlook that requirement and it doesn’t pay out. Did you create an account? I just played that offer and got my coins


No. It doesn’t say that is a requirement. I created an account in the downloaded game and completed the specified task. I reached out to Tapjoy with screenshots and they gave me a canned response saying they needed screenshots. I sent them the original screenshots and additional ones showing I spent money in the downloaded game to complete the task. Then they denied me and never responded to my emails. So I spend a little over $20 for coins that would have cost me $50 but Tapjoy didn’t give them to me. So I was scammed for $20.

@JB.Scopely your company should stop working with this company. If you Google search Tapjoy and see how many illegal and deceptive things they have done to customers, you would be amazed.


Google search scopely and see how many unethical and deceptive things they have done to customers


Yep… glad you caught the subtext. :blush:


I’ve also had this happen to me as well a while back and never got a response after about a month of sending emails to the customer service


I have been working on two offers over the last couple of weeks, and periodically, I’ve checked to ensure that they are still shown under “Reward Status.” But as of today, there is no longer anything under “Reward Status” – not even offers I had previously completed and been able to view in the “Rewarded” subsection. And since Scopely – despite being a part of this revenue scheme – punts users to TapJoy, and the only way to submit a TapJoy ticket is to select an offer, I’m unable to submit a ticket. I wasted many hours working on these two offers, and I can’t even complain about it. I suppose I can add another offer, submit a ticket for that, and explain that my ticket is really for other offers, but I doubt that would end well. Class action, anyone? Oh wait, there’s this: THESE TAPJOY USER TERMS OF SERVICE CONTAIN A BINDING ARBITRATION AGREEMENT, CLASS ACTION WAIVER, AND JURY TRIAL WAIVER <-- Contact your lawmakers to end this kind of b/s that keeps scammers in business!


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