Scalpels for Whisperer Michelle event

Does anyone know where we will be able to get the scalpels required for the Michelle in museum? Doesn’t seem like they are going to be rewards in SR event starting later today… so where can we get them from? Is there an Onslaught event planned next week perhaps…?

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The rewards posted in VK are wrong , they are of old event rewards.

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It isn’t VK that is wrong, it is Scopely that is wrong - they pushed this morning’s level ups with heart necklaces but then soon replaced them with dynamite.

I presume that the SR will give scalpels when it goes live


Maybe that will be the thing that will make her not f2p… $100 for scalpels… son of a …

I got heart necklaces. Assumed I was imagining things.? Obviously not.

Mine was lug nuts for lvl up lol. I want what they are smoking!

You actually got heart knecklaces or it showed that and you got dynamite like everyone else.

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