Scalpels and sewing kits

Okay so there is only 6 days until whisperer event is over. I spent most of my scalpels on mods and only have 120 left. Does anyone hav an idea if there will be anymore evngs that i will be able to get them? Like th4se previous solo road, etc? Im raiding like a maniac to get the sewing kits but wont have enough, so same question with that. I am sooo pissed i spent my scalpels. I did not look at michelle until today and seen she was PERFECT for my team and in general. I dont like most toon from museum but i like her. Please any inout and if anyone knoqs if we will have more one last oppurtunities to get scalpels and sewing kits let me know, thanks!!!

I believe there will be 2 more SRs and 1 more raid tourney. So that’s 450 sewing kits and 190 scalpels, I think?

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I think if you not buy offers you are not gonna get her

If you know you wanted the toon why did you continue to buy mods once you fell below the item thresholds for Michelle?

I think you’re definitely going to have to spend to get her. It would have been cheaper, in the long run, to just buy a mod deal.


He only saw her today

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There are 2 SR left giving a total of 195 scalpels in each if you complete Legendary. 1 more raid event after this one giving 450 sewing kits

That sucks big time. They did put up a bunch of deals towards the end of the Sandy/Bruce event and not all of them were crazy expensive so I would tell him to hit every milestone and keep an eye out on the offers. Good luck.

This. Good luck mate. If not, crack open the wallet next time you see an offer

i didnt look at the toon or notice till today

Thanks bro!!

Yeah im bittin 2400 in raids to get sewing kits, i have 3350 dynamite from solo level up, because i was hoarding league tomens, good on matxh books and masks. From the looks on answers on forums ill be good, beating legendary is not a problem at all for the scalpels, 195 each is perfect as i have 120 scalpels on hand right now so ill literally just make it on scalpelsx sewong kits are good ill just bit 2400 milestone on the raid tourny faction

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okay doing sr, ill have enough scalpels,i have 120 right now i have 580 sewing kits, are you sure raid gives 450 sewing kits? If so ill defintly be able to get michelle!! I just have to get the 2400 milestones from raids as i have 580 right now. If you are correct on 450 sewing kits then im in there!!

I’m certain on raids because I had the milestone screen looking at me, it was scalpels I messed up on. Lucky save!

Awsome bro, i will make enoufh for scalpels also as get 190 each road ill come out with 510, thanks bro and she will team even better, thanks a ton!!!

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Id recommend next time not waiting until the event is nearly over to look at the toon available. …

Yeah lol. Well luckily a just have to beat the next two survival roads and raid tournament and ill be able to get michelle. Which will be easy as pie. So no worries

How do you not know? Every collection has a toon, it’s not hard.

I still need scalpels and sewing kits too. Not giving up!

So sewing kits is only in these raid milestones, wont be in SR? I have scalpels but only 50 sewing kits. Where were we supposed to get sewing kits?
And no I havent spent any items on mods.

Sewing kits were only in raid events. Scalpels were only in SR.