SC Weekly mission for only levels 150 and below

Please fix this ASAP, people are already to 152 in my faction.


same here. im 151 and cant get the rewards! plz fix this!!!


Also could you do a post level rewards would be super sweet

well… i totally forgot… can only recall some coins in there

More coins woo 660 again?



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thank you coins every other level is good 2 more levels should be tapes and kits.

Paying for something you cant do cause you leveled up :rofl:



Yoh Scopes. Thanks for the update but I think you broke your game lol. Apparently I am in the big boy leagues now and I don’t need SC anymore. Where’s that S class SC club at?


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plz fix this bug!

Yep, and add some platinum mods as well. Thanks

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