SC renewal doesn't add up Scopely!

42 days, if you get 12 comics a week for 6 weeks thats only 72 comics. That’s 4 from every single bag and we all know that’ll never happen.
If you complete new toy figurine mission each week you’ll get 15 comics a month.

So best case you have 102 comics in 2 months but real numbers you’re closer to 85 maybe.
So by the time you get lucky and RNG go your way you’ll be what $150 in for Zach but the collection in mesuem will be over.

Good try Scopely, but no ones falling for this one.
#fixyourgame #playersunited #scisajoke


They always do this kind of thing. It feels as if they regard their customers as fools.


I just hope nobody falls for it.


They think we are stupid, #playersunited


I feel like this collection isn’t meant for new subscription members. It’s meant for older members to use up excess comics.

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Yea it’s probably those loyalty rewards they where talking about

I might not have enough comics to get zach but I’ll more than likely get Jesus which is nice for $25.

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Most of the people who kept there subscriptions have been collecting comics with no use for them so they will have extra.

Some are unfortunately.

This, so much this. They trying to trick the masses


Ive said this. They are gonna bring out the heavy guns soon. We will see who can withstand the temptation.

I will not break, i will not falter i will stand united


they are assuming people who have had the subscription will have more plus on top of that you get 30 for completing the 2nd museum task. 7 axes and toy figurine. Also you have the weekly mission that they started. It will be close but newbies wont be able to do it

Problem is when SC rolled out on its 2nd or 3rd month they offered players 25/30 comics? to get julie right from the museum … players who liked that joined up but were never given the extra comics to get her … just always leaves a sting in peoples memories

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Actually they gave comics for how long you were with them. Some got more than others.

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i ended up having SC for 4 months … no ascending toons … no extra anything … biggest waste of money ever, thats why i removed my sub …end of the day nobhd rbcg above can state whatever he likes, if scopely shows something as part of their subscription base then all should get something after a while …

during my time all i seen different was sc offers in the shop for stupid coin value

If it was meant to reward long term SC members, they should do another event where they award a number of comics for each milestone of SC membership-like they did before Julie first dropped.

Many of the SC members will have used the comics to ascend Andrea and Julie-thinking that the only use WOULD be for these “exclusive” toons. Suddenly, the rules change and you SHOULD have saved the comics and NOT upgraded (or even claimed) the exclusive toon because now there are desirable premier toons that can be purchased-but only if you saved them BEFORE you knew about the change because we put a ludicrously low timer on the collection…

That is a recipe for irritating the majority who DON’T belong to the SC-now they see those people as possibly getting the character that they haven’t been lucky enough to draw, AND they even irritate the majority of their SC members because they didn’t know that they SHOULD have saved the comics.

This isn’t a great move, Scope.


There were three milestones for SC membership that would award a certain number of comics. I think that the maximum amount was 25 comics. It was made pretty clear that these were as a “loyalty bonus”. If anyone signed up and was mad that they didn’t get the comics, they didn’t read very carefully.

Whether you agreed with the tactic or not, whether you thought that Julie should have been an automatic award or not, you can’t argue that Scopely didn’t make that clear.