SC new collections happen in 2 days

So What do we expect? I’m between getting Diego and waiting to see what happen


Even though it is diego the 6* era is well and truly over, this war has most certainly proved that to me, im also waiting see what comes around


diego is on for another 30 days in the sc collection, right?

he’s in the war wheel too.

I was waiting for pulling him from war wheel until I have seen the war’s reward structure…

Now I think I will get him from SC collection

I think @Brucey gave us the Diego info maybe he knows what’s next?

While it is the six star era, support toons like diego and doc Stevens will be useful until their S class versions come out. You don’t need 5 S Class toons on attack. Synergy is still important.


Someone said he’ll be on some velvet collection, heard it from official info

but hes around for another 30 days. might as well try to pull him from the war wheel.

Less than 9hrs. Any leaks yet?

It was worth it to me warring with diego last crw as he and s class priya roast most teams as of now. We all know characters lose value in this game.

Another 30 days won’t help with the terrible rewards structure. Because the war tokens are in choice boxes you have to choose between trying to pull Diego (6*) or leveling up an S Class toon. It’s best to go with the sure thing and level up your S Class and pick Diego in museum (if he’s the toon you want). The flip side is you may get the tokens you need to make a pull and get a duplicate or unwanted toon and then have no gear to level your S Class.

Scopely could’ve prevented this.

Best thing is to tier 4 the s-class first cus there’s a timer on the museum

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Could honestly see them just not adding any new collection…which sucks

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