SC museum - what will you buy?

  • Get and/or max out Andrea
  • Get and/or max out Julie
  • Get 5* Donnie
  • Get 5* Jesus
  • Try and get Zachary (SC members only)

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Considering that you will get 135 comics if you complete all 7 collections, that will sure be enough to obtain an ascendable 5* toon and even max him or her out (yes, even Andrea and Julie).
So, share your opinions, comrades. :slight_smile:

I’ve ticked to Max Andrea, which would be nice, but as Jesus is leveled using normal gear i’m defo considering him too

Non-Suckers Club member here. I’m not spending them on anything. Won’t get close to maxing Andrea so that would be worthless. Will save the rest until I am sure I can get something good in the future.


What are the 7 collections?

You can obtain a statue of Rick every week by doing missions which so far are F2P. Four statues equal 15 comics. The collection can be obtained 7 times.

These ones are free - just keep doing weekly missions and that’s it.

The character collection end in 40 days. It’ll take you 4 weeks just to collect 15 comics from the f2p collection. You won’t get anywhere close to enough comics to even pull Donnie


What the guy above this said. I’ll stash them for now and see where it goes in the future.


Thats a very good point and one that i’d overlooked! I’ll just keep hold now then i reckon…

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jesus is not bad option if u dont hve a shield already

Nothing, 4 rick statues = 15 comics which is every 4 weeks or month. Won’t be in enough time to get Jesus, Donny or especially Zach. Going to leave Julie and not work on Andrea seeing as the meta keeps changing every couple weeks anyway

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Okay, I guess the rewards will keep changing every 40 days or so.

But still, what’s the goddamn point of this event then? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Get Jesus and pair him with maxed out Andrea

The point was this way they didnt have to spend time designing another SC toon they can just sell you old promo toons. All their time is dedicated to making new premiers. Not fixing bugs or improving the game it’s just pump out the next toon to make money and forget the other stuff. You all always ask rhetorical questions you can answer simply

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