Sc Museum Collections Math

Just a quick one 259 days to get required Axes for the red cap, going on you receive one a week, but there’s only 163 days left on collection timer wtf😂


Also the ballons maths for sergio doesnt look good lol but maths has never been a strong point for scopely


It doesnt add up because they intentionally want people to spend to get the remaining pulls for Sergio.


Yep this.

Never gonna happen😂

This is a problem with the game right now, they constantly release content (like meusem collections), without providing further information. Should we expect only one ax per week? How many balloons can we obtain during the event? No one knows, they want you to spend money without even knowing if any of the collections are even obtainable, more transparency would go a long way with the community.


I have already done 11 pulls on the stash and havent spent anything Sergio is obtainable

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How I haven’t even done 1

1 axe every 6 days for 28 axes is 168 days.
It doesn’t consume the axe on use
Edit… number 9 is 37. Which is 222 days… Even being in SC the whole time you can’t get 9 done… theoretically

Oh I don’t have sc

Sergio is obtainable but since you need 30 pulls to finish his stash and you can only redeem each balloon 10 times, I don’t know how to collect the 2nd stash of 30 without spending :frowning:

How are y’all getting the balloons I’m doing the events an there not giving me enough

Oh I thought it was one every 7 days

I’m not close to finishing It, but there’s plenty of time left

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I’ve noticed SC is every six days, it’s always been a bit odd to me

Sure, but you can’t buy comics for real money, so those timers not working out makes no sense unless Scopely is intentionally trying to irritate the SC members.

The weekly missions are every six? I hadn’t noticed that. Guess I’ll have to take a closer look. I know that the road map is every 7, but never paid enough attention on the weekly missions…

I have only picked up three pulls so far, even hitting pretty much all of the milestones, so I think that you may be correct.

#I’mstupidforspending<–dig at myself.