SC museum collection

Dear Scopely and player council,

Can you extreme the museum collection for one (or more) weeks? Right now the timer for Donny, Jesus and Zach will end at the same time we are able to get the 7th axe that will give us 30 comics. Due to this timing i am going to miss the option to claim Zach. And since there is no other way to get an axe elsewhere it feels like the time management of this “event” isn’t correct.

I guess i’m not the only one that is having this issue so please consider the option to extend the timer. Or please give us some insight if there will be 3 new toons available after these that are already there.


Sir Troubadour

Ps. Sorry for my poor (english) writing


I think it was said by GR that they will cycle the toons so dont worry just save those comics nd hopefully will get something gud

Guess i missed that post. Thanks
for the feedback. Tbh,
I really wanted Zach. But Lets wait and see. Do you have a link to the thread?

OMG! They should extend Zach’s collection! What about +1 month?

For myself 1 day is enough :pensive:. But a month would be better indeed

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I only need 1 day too. :sleepy:

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