SC membership is a joke

Why have a membership I got it for the draws in premium recruits but 4 star toons aren’t premium I get better draws from war. So how do I cancel


Cancel the memborship through your play store

I did cancel too, they dont give anything near worth the money. When they start to fix the game, make it fairplay, balanced, the support start to respect costumers maybe i will be back. Until then no. They ate losing dozens of subbers daily, they will notice quick if their profit drops

There profits ain’t dropping
There is a only one way to to this it’s too find scopleys competitor and start spending there

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Some dude’s bucket got him 4 6* on his trial. All I get is shitty useless 4*

Yeah I got absolute garbage with mine. Only ever 4* toons. They could make it more worthwhile having the membership in so many ways. Unfortunately it is like everything else in this game… eventually gets forgotten about and they move on to the next thing. I have cancelled my membership now and these last few weeks have continued to prove to me that it was the right thing to do. With every free daily pull it shows me I have made the right choice. Nothing else about the membership is even worth speaking about.
Guess they are just hoping that it works the same as every other subscription. People always forget to cancel memberships that come with free trials etc. So they end up in the pay bracket until they realise it is still active or paying longer than they may have planned to.

I pulled an epic minigun Viktor on trial not bad

It’s not worth it. I’ve pulled on ascendable. And that’s across a handful of regions. No parts for weapon crafting is nice, but not worth it. Barely any comics are able to be collected to claim anything decent in the museum. Just a joke.

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Even more, there are really no museum collections to turn comics in for anyway. Even if you can collect comics, there’s almost no use for them any longer.

As above cancel👍

ive had some pretty decent luck with the free pulls from the game. 4 six stars and 0 5 stars.

absolutely not worth it, I’m unsubscribing

why get rid of it if it gives you free reign of upgrading any weapons?

this game is a joke is so senselessly difficult and time-consuming, that’s why I finish playing

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