SC members can skip timers?

It says you don’t need parts if your an sc member, so it’s saying it also includes blowtorches, so SC members can skip timers for free??

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No they can’t

No parts needed. The optional parts are still optional. Like duct tape and polishing kit, you don’t need them to craft. They just improve chances, just like blow torches just speed up

tho it would be awesome If sc members could skip timers

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i’d buy that for a dollar

Blowtorches skip the timer.

Yes. That was implies when I said speed up.

Guns guns guns guns guns, come on guys… Tigers are playing tonight!

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I hope the tigers win

Im a freshman in cincinnati.


No it’s misleading and scopely should stop telling people you don’t need it if your an sc member.
I should just sign up for SC membership and get a Google refund every month because the product doesn’t provide what it states…free SC for life lol​:joy::thinking:

I mean thats what it does it instantly crafts it.

All the mandatory parts to craft are not needed with the SC so you craft with no parts. The optional parts (that are not needed to craft because you can craft without them) are still optional.

You are 100% capable of crafting without blow torches, just like you didn’t need them before they even existing. So they are not needed to craft. They are optional. So you do not get 1 free per craft with the SC.

Though I will say that SC portion should not show up when you go to where to find blow torches. Yes you are right that part is misleading.

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Nothing to speed up without tokens lol

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When is Scopely ever not misleading is the real question.

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Nope we cant

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