Sc ever coming to kindle

Whenever I try to buy it. (I was gonna buy it for the trial cancel on the last day so I dont get charged) But whenever I try to do this screen come up.


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On bruh

Lets make this post seeable so scopely can add this.

this is just so much inappropriate with the events of today

I accidently showed a image lol. Anyway I hope this comes to kindle. I lowkey need that premier pull shit.

have some discression for god sakes

Fuck what is wrong with me. My bad for that.

But how come kindle never gotten a update or any news on SC.

there is no way i could be caring any less of this

:frowning: Is sc even worth the subscription tho?

no i think it is not for now

Correction never. Scopely mainly dont care for amazon that much.

I play on my kindle. I changed it to an android when the update came out and Ted would not load. I’ve no problems since

Bro what the hell?

Only option is to go to play store (I sideloaded it on here) and get sc off of google play walking dead.

kookland was saying it is inappropriate due to the mass shootings in America to post

but as this tweet shows, in the 200 odd days this year, America has had over 290 mass shootings, like everyday. means u can’t post every day?

Yeah thats my fault. Sorry for taking it too far. I feel like a ass.

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