SC compensation dangling

I understand scope opening popups to surveys, offers, recruit wheels, etc. I get it. I don’t like it, but that’s just what marketing is all about these days.

Last night, Scopely kept giving me a popup for a free offer for SC members only. I really think its shady for you to be trying to get me to sign up for SC by repeatedly showing me “free” offer that when you click on takes you to the SC buy page.

Thumbs down (or other gesture) to whomever thought that was a good idea


I got another one of these today. Wtf is this gift for?

It’s compensation for them screwing up the start of the anniversary event. SC members get extra compensation because they had a mission that was giving out an item that’s not useable in game.

Apparently this has been reported to Scopely so hopefully they will fix it. Offers like this shouldn’t be pushed to non SC members.

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