SC club membership question

As SC is a subscription service and not a competition, could somebody please give an acceptable and justifiable reason why some members get different rewards from others ? I cannot think of any other subscription service where this would be deemed acceptable. If we all pay the same we should all receive the same, simple ? Or maybe not , please explain.

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what different rewards are u talking about

Depending on how many comics you get

yeh thats wierd but this scopley and its RNG for u . they never listen

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That is neither acceptable or justifiable, I want an official answer to what is clearly an unfair anomaly

You maybe right but it’s a bit defeatist to just accept whatever is thrown at you without questioning it, so I would like to hear from the horse’s mouth how they justify this sharp practice before I cancel my membership. Not a lot to ask for I don’t think. A simple we are crooks will suffice. :grinning:

I raised this very point in the most recent “survey” they threw at me. We’re all paying the same amount of money to be in this “club”. Why don’t we all get the same benefit? There’s no excuse for this to be RNG too, it’s indefensible. But nothing will happen.


a subscription is access to additional content. to possible additional rewards. but nothing is guaranteed.

What about having to do maps period? Day 1 player buys sc and can’t even complete the roadmaps because they dont have good enough roster.

You could make the argument it has been like this from the start no? Weekly comics ranged from 6-12 so it has never been the same.

Besides, the weekly mission real prize is the axe. The bonus stuff is pretty much Meh outside the war can.

But they will never answer this question unfortunately. Mine expired today, don’t think I’m renewing. Games in the toilet.


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