Sc cake map not there

No cake roadmap up there’s 7 more days left surely this is a mistake


It is not there…again… @GR.Scopely

I applaud the consistency of it not being on time lol it’s gotten pretty laughable


Can’t go one week without screwing up.

One week.


I hope it gets fixed before transfers I have completed every milestone for every event and would hate to miss the beads by 2 pulls cause the maps are not released on time


Not that I even know how important the beads will be lol

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Gonna jinx us here probably but it’s been popping up the next day after it disappears the past few times with the first 3 acts open from the start

Watch I say that and it’ll just be gone forever

One Day you mean?

@JB.Scopely when will it be up it’s over 12 hours late

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Long weekend, expect nothing until Tuesday at the earliest

I have reported this to the team so they can have a look for us.

Update: The Roadmap should be available for everyone at 5 pm PDT.



So you missed a day of it wow I might not get the beads because of this terrible terrible work

Wait will all 4 be open as it’s a day late or 3 then 1 again Cos it should be all 4 open

Sorry but when complaining for something this is the only place we can do it.
When game works we just play and dont complain.
You like the current affairs then dont complain about complainers, continue to play the game.

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The cakemap still isn’t up

Nothing happend

It’s up for me

Elite Rare gear and ascendance medal roadmaps are also missing. @GR.Scopely

I need that map only 4 away from completing second stash