Sc Bulb/Crown what's the deal

Just wondered what the deal is with the Sc Bulb/Crown, 39 weeks to get a Yellow Bulb that you don’t even know what it’s for, more transparency Scopely :hugs:

It’s gets you thirty more comics and a lightbulb lol

Sorry forgot to add the Bulb,

But what’s it for, also the timer is 180 days and 39 weeks is 273 days (someone check my math):man_shrugging:t3:

Lol. Not sure. I guess they haven’t thought that far. Will take a while to get that one I suppose.

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it is for the end of january national holiday celebration collection that we all have put yellow light bulbs in the window for the return of saint january to bring us jars full of the finest of mustards and wrapped in american cheese

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Oh cool, English mustard he he will blow your socks off😂

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