SC bad or good thing what do you think?(poll)


Terrible move for all I think FTP keep this game active and I don’t like getting forced to spend just to stay competitive I will spend as I want to.

I will not buy this offer on principal and it’ll probably stop me playing if they restrict weapon parts and gear even further as a result of this.

Just prior to its launch our weapon parts map has disappeared… coincidence?

This club is toxic to the game just my opinion


The game needs a healthy base of both spenders and FTP. Many of the FTP watch vids daily as well and that generates revenue for them. I really don’t like how we constantly fight each other about the whales FTP shit. It just keeps us looking the other way while we get another nerf or another dedicated player gift. We need to focus the anger on scopely for not fixing the bugs and improving the gameplay.


I really don’t give a shit but the fact they’re giving us a sandwich but handing us ftps 2 pieces of bread aka Andrea gonna be stuck at t1



No matter the results would be won’t change my feeling

What is this poll really for 。。。


Most People always thought only whales contributed the most what scampley Is making.

People who stay online and participate in almost every day events

Generate more money straight to scampley wallet. Huge money

No matter they are f2p or p2p

And player deserved more as long as they spend money or time

Not being milked. That’s already exploiting.


I get why p2ps get nice stuff and that but we all dedicate much time and effort to this game and care about it so idk why pay players are considered as more contributing or deserving as shit then the entire community as a whole <3 js


Because they are factually contributing more?

Sucks that one group gets preferential treatment, but it doesn’t make it not true that any business would value paying customers over non/less paying customers.


I’m disgusted by it!! It’s a new low IMHO. But it doesn’t matter, they’re going to push this out no matter what any of us say!!!
It’s a Forlorn Inevitability at this point 🤷 It’s coming, couldn’t stop Combat Mods or Yawnslaught and nothing is going to stop this soon to be ignominious failure. Js


dont you mean #blamebage :joy:


Except it’s not a 30 pull a month. Its 30 single pulls a month.


guess pushing legacy toons into oblivion and pumping NEW SHINY 6* ones (even collections) wasn’t enough for P2W? Even pumping them with modded weapons (stun/impair/confuse/taunt & so on.)

Now there’s going to be roadmaps & parts of the game only acessible through cash?
So not everybody is going to have acess to the same stages/enemies/historys.
This is the idea of deliviring a good experiencie to players? smfh

Just make the game P2P already, stop misleading players cuz that’s where we’re heading.
Make it happen, so I (a PZ F2P, never even bought a monthly pass :muscle: ) can stop playing this shit for good.


I’ve bought things too just not a fat ass whale bought stuff doesn’t mean jack tho we all dedicate time and effort into the game and try to make it better via community a reason some ppl actually play


I’m responding to your statement, “idk why pay players are considered as more contributing or deserving as shit then the entire community as a whole,” because they actually do contribute more.

I’m not disproving the notion that anyone can make change for the better.


Scopely are trying to make a quick buck for short term gain but this will kill off the game.

P2P players should get stuff quicker but if f2p get lucky then they get their chance too. This is the approach of bigger companies who make swgoh for example. Scopelys approach is a shed industry one to try to make a quick bit of cash before the company goes under.



I’m not sure what to say, I am kinda against it, but it’s definitely a good thing for those people who shit money out of their asses.


nah just sage. #blamesage