SC bad or good thing what do you think?(poll)

Is this good thing or another super money maker?

  • Bad thing
  • Good thing

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Absolutely insane.
New low…

I voted Good Thing because so many people around the world will get their lives back when they uninstall this game after this latest cash grab and walk away from Scopely forever!!


Lol youre right.xd

this is awful #blamesage

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They’re gonna implement this anyway regardless of what we think because some players will still get it


I’m doing a slow fade, this just makes it easier lol

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Aside from onslaught, I actually liked where the game is at currently. This is just stupid tho

scopely dont give a shi* if old players leave or stay ,they are working on new player base where people are spending money like hell, 6 days old region and top3 faction is full of s7+ and more,

thats why they hiding new regions. so nobody can teach new players about scopley’s scam.


I would like it a lot better if the $24.99 included the current 70-coins per day thing.


i cant believe skiplay sticks up their d in our a and people still vote its a good thing!

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they are an a

On the positive side, as far as deals go, 25 is decent for a 30-pull a month, at least compared to buying gold.

On the negative side, adding 25 to the monthly running cost goes above what I’m willing to pay for a mobile game, even one I quite enjoy. Depending on how exactly the gear for Andrea works I might do it for a month or two, but I’m going to feel bad about it. And that’s not what you want your players to feel like.

Plus, I don’t think the economics work out - people had plenty of avenues to spend money if they wanted to. Most people will have a limit of how much they’re willing to spend, and the people who get that subscription will stop buying offers to compensate.

TL;DR: Bad move, Scopely.

i feel bad about what i þaid till now. no more.

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I voted bad thing even though I know I’m gonna buy it. Ugh why Scopely why.

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if you buy it scopley we only get worse and worse


+1 (2 char)

You and ppl like you are why $copely will keep sticking it to their player base. Keep surviving man.

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Or keep having a game… Oooooooooo

To me instead of updating the 30 day pass which has stayed the same for years, If they updated it they wouldn’t get away with bumping up the price. Renaming it they can.