SC Andrea fiasco

It sucks to see such costly mistakes happen and wish the scopely team the best for efficiently resolving this matter.

It is essential to test out all new content in beta. If we had access to andrea when testing this, this could’ve been avoided with seeing her leveling upgrade structure is wrong.

The beta players help give an extra set of eyes spotting this. Please utilize the beta community better next time. @JB.Scopely

No suprise there is going to be a degree of rage with the players since it went live. It is unfortunate that they have to take action against this but they don’t have much of a choice. That mistake was a costly one if they let it slide.

I hope scopely compensates the players well on this and not to overlook the coins spent, and active/rush trainers used.

Note: please be civil and reasonably constructive when replying here. I’m just trying to be supportive to the team, these kind of mistakes make me cringe.


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