Sc andrea comics?

Hey guys @JB.Scopely an other scope peeps. Just did a second week worth of andrea comic runs.
Last weeks pulls. 2 2 2.
This week. 2 2 2.
Whats up with that?? Is this some kinda sick inside…i dont like my playerbase fuckin joke?
Is there some sorta hidden %% on the comic drops? 80% for 2. 15% for 3 an 5% for 4?
The odds seem poor. Even during the free event I had 1 4 comic pull.
NOT happy.


Let this be a lesson.


what did u expect?


Ive had many scopely lessons.
But I honestly think that the programming is fixed on making some accounts luckier then others.
Ive seen myself have to spend more then other lucky people have for same character pulls.


Looks like ur gonna have to spend another 25 bucks next month buddy :man_shrugging: :joy:

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Oh you didnt hear? Some people have 6* t4 lol

Apparently not enough lol

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2,3,2 here keep on surviving keep on surviving

If I recall correctly

I had 12 total for the 2 maps that were free…not paying for anymore anytime soon lol. Honestly seems like a long drawn out pull. 25× however long it takes. They probably would of made more just selling her. Yes the cap increase of roster space is nice....the 1 pull a day is basically a free 4* daily. The fact that it's a separate button to press to get that pull tells ya that likely odds are different even less then the small percentage already. I expected a lot more for 25 a month. Things like weapon parts…unless it was pks and tapes nothing special. We can craft those parts for free. They would of been better off redoing 30day pass and war crates. Would of made player base a whole lot happier.

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Pay more…

Of course there are internal odds… just like boxes and pulls and everything else.

So far SC odds look like 70% 2 mags, 25% 3 mags, 5% 4 mags.

I’m surprised vk havent confirmed this yet
also surprised they have hacked into the code for the rng and post how to beatbit

Last week was 2-2-3 and this week 2-2-2

For 2 week couldnt get exp scavenger mission

Didn’t they say there would be other roadmaps along the way for people to get the comics? I assume none have shown up yet?


Inpulled blue sophia with vitality from the daily pulls and two different mates of mine got that nasty green gabriel from the daily pulls… so the odds must be the same as pulls

I’m shocked tbh as soon as I saw that it was a separate button I figured odds were rigged


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Does anyone have a list if how mnah comics needed at each tier?