SC 7 Day Free Trial Subscription

Will I need to use credit card information to sign up to this?

If so, what happens if the user doesn’t have a credit card?

Is there another way of signing up for the free trial without handing over all this personal information?

Thank you for your replies in advance :slight_smile:

I have something like this with other games and it goes through iTunes or google play whatever you have so as long as you have money on that every month you should be ok like if you redeem gift cards and yea I’m sure credit card will be fine also.

Get a prepaid card and spend the money on it except for 1 cent. Still counts as valid credit card for free trials

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it says on the bottom that itll be charged to your apple or google play account and itll be automatically set to auto-renew. in the event that youre gonna cancel your sub you need to do it atleast 24hrs before the payment is pushed through. so whatever payment method you have with those respective app stores will suffice.

How much d’ya bet they release an important roadmap for it about 10 minutes before that 24 hours :joy:


Until all bugs are fixed & we get better customer service, I dont feel there is anything worth that a month on this game. So you have to cancel within 24hrs…customer support takes longer sometimes to reply, so how can Scopely gaurantee us we wont be fighting to get money back if they fail to do their end?

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I have 47 cents on my Google Wallet. What are they gonna do? Take it and demand the rest?

i bet my one prized promo toon. My “New Threat” Governor. if they dont put a important map 10 mins before expiration then i will upload screenshots of me selling him.

Internet Rule #1: If you have to enter credit card info it isn’t free.

If they do require credit card info that’s a dick move as it automatically excludes anyone without access to one, namely teenagers. I started playing when I was 17 and didn’t have a job. I had dick-all in terms of online payment option unless I went through my parents. Wonder how many kids are going to get grounded for accidentally charging their parent’s cards $30 because they missed the “24 hours” notice at the bottom.

It’s almost like they’re trying to introduce a 2nd gap between those who don’t pay and those who can’t.

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I see that and raise you an erika, Bruce, and two koas. (totally not from the beta region I swear)

Hi I beta test it and no doesn’t look like you need a CC

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