Say Something Random!


For those random thoughts that strike you so suddenly – there’s just no thread that fits best except for >>

Say Something Random!


Something random.


just checking out how this works.


The new forum is a bit dark… But why not. :sweat_smile:


Random thought … and agree - it’s a bit dark :wink: probably just adjustment to change :slight_smile:


It is dark right?

I had a light version initially – but I got feedback that I was blinding people. haha


testing, kalishane you look really sexy and gorgeous in that pic :wink:


Yeah - to be honest it’s dark and blurry. I think you need to tweet the color setting a bit so it gets more contrast
It’s difficult to read especially at night and it’s 10.30 here :wink:

But don’t go all in at flash neon at us now :wink: lol


I can remove the background if that would help?


I can tweak things.


Well I think that was much better


Hi everyone!


Better lighter


I get that black on white is boring and traditional and you don’t have to go that way but maybe play around with the color setting a bit more?

Usually dark test on light background are easier to read unless you really boost the brilliance of the white.


I changed things!

Feels better on my eyes other than the bar at the top – but this is a default Discourse scheme so i’m running with it!


im not sure if anyone has noticed but you have to refresh the page if you leave it or have anther tab open as the writing literally fades into the background, so i would definitely play with colours a bit may writing in red may help


Okay :slight_smile: maybe it’s just adjustment on my part and until then you will have to live with my typos because I can’t see :smiley:


This forum looks cooler. But we’ll see how this goes.


Something random


change the damn theme. not readable at all.


Hi how are you