Say Something Nice: Shoutout Thread


There ain’t no sarcasm here. I mean it. I’m not often the butt kissing type and this won’t stop me from being negative when I need/have to be in the future but I think some of us need to ease of the haterade, charish some of the finer things on this forum, and get over some of the “going nowhere” conversations we see pop up, me included. The forums have had their bad moments, maybe more frequent than we’d like, but there have been some great moments and great threads and great contributers over the years. I don’t think we think about all the work we’ve put in compared to the bad.

So what I’m asking is say something nice, about anything, about anyone. A shoutout to your favorite thread. The best reoccuring helpful thing on the forum (calendar, character leaks, early look at tournaments courtesy of vk, etc.) But no cheeky jabs or pokes at anyone else, please. No insults in the form of fake compliments.

I’ll start.

I love all the helpful guides or references, new and old forum, that come from @LadyGeek and @Petrapool. There’s plenty of stuff saved in faction chat on Line with your name on it that we use daily.

I’m not on an Android, even if I was, I wouldn’t dare go near beta. All the people who put up with buggy builds and try out upcoming features are true mvps. And I really appreciate when beta people go out of their way to keep us non beta users in the loop. Sharing any info they can on upcoming things.

I’ve got an interest in design and JustinG87 on the old forum always made great threads on screens and menus that could be improved with great little quality of life changes. Like cool team selection screen ideas and nice suggestions for cleaning up the look of cards in the roster. Wherever you are now you made some of my favorite threads from the old forum.

It’s one of the greatest things in the world to open up the forum and see patch notes. I love seeing that a new update is coming. No matter how small or how little number of fixes. I enjoy seeing that progress is being made. It’s satisfying.

And of course…last but certainly not least… @kalishane. I’d be lying if I said 100% of everything that’s been done by you has brought me joy but I do genuinely believe you’ve been the best addition. The opinion on the state of things varys from person to person. And it’s not up to me to decide if the needs have been met but I can say that I notice you try your hardest. Without being too hard on the other guys (this is a “nice” thread after all) I think you’ve been the most affable of them all. No matter what gets done or might cause a bit of upset you seem to give it your all. Thank you, for what you’ve done well and will in the future.



The graphics have always been on point


All of the glitches and screw ups aside, this game has always been addicting to play.


Red Epic Sandy has camel toe.


+1 to lg and petra for the guides!


@kalishane is hot, and the forums a big improvement.


lmao, it’s hard not to notice that.


Cool topic, best thing about the game for me has always been the social aspect. No matter what is going on in my life i can always get on and waste time farming or bullshitting with my faction or in global with the global peeps. I know theres other apps and games that provide this, but combined with all the other aspects I love about this game its pretty top notch. Even when I got frustrated with top fac life and decided to drop to upper mid tier, its always been a 2nd home and a place I can go to get away.


@kalishane = fucking gorgeous


Thanks for the shoutout, @TheSurvivor! It’s been a really rough couple of weeks for me and you have no idea how much I needed that right now.

He’s here on the new forums, too. @Justin
I wish, I wish, I wish Scopely would follow some of his suggestions and put AR on the team selection screen.


Poems are nice right??

Roses are red
Scopely means greed
Give up your money
If you want to compete




Most positive thing I can currently say is: I’m gonna quit soon.


I don’t always pay attention to who makes the guides and spreadsheets that are so helpful, but there is plenty of people who have given great advice or spent hours putting together spreadsheets that have been incredibly useful and saved hours of trying to figure stuff out.

Just like everything about this game, the people are the best bit and are what is keeping most of us here.

so this is a thank you to everybody who has ever created a guide, put together some stats, or just given a helpful answer to a forum post, I might not have asked the questions but on a number of occasions there has been great answers already waiting for me when I have gone to ask a question.

p.s thanks for this thread, the forum was full of bile and hatred when I logged on this morning, so it was nice to see somebody doing something nice just for the sake of it.


A shout out to Vk for all their early information. Without you, we’d always be in the dark.




Shoutout to Decatur region! Thanks for letting us walk all over you for 2 years.


I am deeply in love with Miraboobs

@LadyGeek ain’t bad either :heart_eyes:


I am deeply in love with myself and awesome in every way. =-) . I am a gift to society and the human race.


Where did you hide Johnny :grimacing: