Sawyer And Knox Are META And Groundbreaking/Jackson Isn't Really A Toon Created Last Year!

Yes, Sawyer and Knox are toons that are great for this “META” and required constant monitoring of raids to create them. We’ve never seen a toon with an AR like Sawyer’s that hit multiple enemies and inflicts heal reduction on them(Joshua) and stun is definitely effective since no one uses stun mods. Confuse and Taunt are inferior to stun in this environment.

Jackson was a brilliantly created toon! Low damage % on AR, line damage, doesn’t heal for multiple turns, vanilla active skill and leadership skill that is the worst, value-wise, for any 6* going back to green Aaron I think. It’s almost as if he was created last year and Scopely decided to release him this year. He even looks like a 6* that was created a year ago. A toon with stats and abilities that look just like what a toon from late 2017 to 2018 is useful in today’s META and definitely new.

So I guess Scopely didn’t lie when they said that an ascendance list would hamper their ability to release toons that are effective in this META.

Also, I’m sure that Scopely really does care about balance even though they released Zachary after stating that they care about “balance”.


They need to be nerfed IMHO :smiley:

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They are soooooo op :smirk:

I like Jackson’s leader skill.
Unfortunately, that’s really all he seems to have going for him.

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His active skill was good,
too bad it Scopely bugged it too :joy: cleanses only stun and not impair.
Practically makes him deadweight in a team.

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