Saw this article on my phone

The Subtle art of making multiple addictive shitty games for maximum profit…simple :man_shrugging:


I think it’s pretty clear by now players are not Scopely’s priority. It’s revenue, revenue and revenue. Just look at the question about their core value.

Also, not surprised TWD:RTS is not their biggest hit now after so many players have left in frustration.

I would buy their stock if i could


All those employees for quality gaming.


Quality moderation and c3ns0rshlp*

For sure better than “investing” money on their pixels

they admitted this game takes zero strategy.


Not sure if they were saying that exactly but it is obvious it is not considered a pure strategy game. While Walking Dead requires “Strategy” in general, we would all agree there is no long term strategy involved or needed.
It is funny to read though.
I did find the point about Walking dead not their top money maker interesting. The development and Talent need to follow the money. I would recommend player reduce their investment in this game to protect themselves.

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