Saviors reckoning is a let down

I think it’s more of the point that I want to go through my raid cans or compete in any event that actually feels like it’s fun or rewarding . These events have not been and honestly it isn’t worth the time to get the 30 whiskeys a day to me anyways . I mean a few hundred cards in two weeks. Just bored of the same old same old scopley

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Can you make up your mind?
Either you want to play the game, and then the extra (albeit meagre) rewards are a positive ir you don’t want to play…
Noone is forcing you to play the game, if it ran stale for you. I see the devs are trying to stir things up a little, for once they didn’t make an epic fail out of new content (bug-wise) and the extras cater to both F2P and P2P, while also promoting faction activity. It is a HUGE step forward (comparing within their previous design choices, not with gaming industry standards)…
If that step is still insignificant for you, stop playing then… or launch a new PU# initiative. Just don’t transmit negativism whre constructive criticism is called for.


I didn’t ask for an opinion from you or anyone else

A few hundred to 1 thousand card in two weeks is better than what war usually gives. It all stacks up overtime so if you don’t bother collecting scraps, you make no progress at all. That’s really how the S-class system is set-up. You collect stuff overtime to reach enough shards.

Also, I get what you’re saying with having a fun, grindable event. The problem is that the last time I can remember them doing a completely free and grindable event was the 2nd anniversary event, where anniversary tokens dropped from raids and you could get Tyreese, Duane, etc from there.

I can’t remember a similar, but more recent event. It’s clear Scopely doesn’t want an event where people who hoard can grind great rewards; it hasn’t been like that for many years now. You’re expecting them to do a 180 all of a sudden? Chances of that happening is the same chance of seeing pigs fly.

For as basic as this event is, it’s very good by itself taking into consideration prizes from other events, as well as Scopely usually making players dump more resources for much less prizes.

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I think it is okay. Not super exciting.

I like they do the tiered card choices now, but I am not working on any of these toons, so personally a bit off the mark. Why not broaden the range if the amounts you can get for more desirable toons are lesser

I still want a bit more creativity investment in the game generally. But it’s okay as bonus stuff.

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Well, obviously Pink Floyd fans have high chances to get Scopely do a 180 on their design path :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean here. There have certainly been events where you needed lots of resources to grind for good rewards. Is it about unlimited grindability? Most of the others had some limit, like a maximum number of collections in the museum etc.

I feel this discussion also needs some inclusion of scarcity. Few rewards in this game are good in the absolute sense, they’re all good because they give you things that are otherwise rare. To give an extreme example, if they had an event that gave you 20k of each Sclass shard and 10k of each type of gear, it would certainly be great rewards, but after that point, most rewards would be factually useless. Even if they increased the number of times you can claim the toons in the museum, the first Priya or Trader or whatever is amazing the twentieth doesn’t really add anything. Why fight for more gear if you have enough for the next few years? etc. This doesn’t mean that they can’t give above-average rewards once in a while, but they have to be careful or it will devalue everything else.


Unlimited grindability. (Should have clarified)

So similar to what Paytoplay was saying, an event where you’d be grinding unlimited amounts of tokens to use in a stash or wheel.

And by grind, I also mean drops. Events like broken glass gave people enough to hit all of the collections, but broken glasses were limited to milestones or territories. Hell runes would be closer to unlimited grind ability, except the main items needed(hell keys), were locked behind premium paywall.

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Yeah right, they do these extremely rarely. Typhoon might count, as you had a chance of keys and cones, but those were very rare and in the end you would be limited by museum collection restrictions. (Also, no stash event yould possibly fit, as all stashes are empty at some point).

I’m not sure unlimited grindability is a good thing. Just a month ago or so, everyone was talkig about how important it is that you can complete events, and by definition you can’t complete unlimited events or they would be limited. I was not completely convinced that it is the only thing that matters, but it is nice to know you’re done at some point.

Cool story bro

I can’t remember Typhoon event.

Stash wise, unlimited grindability in the sense that you can grind out all tokens needed to complete the stash, without being locked behind a pay/event wall.

For instance, Horde stash that has 6* Joshua was locked behind Horde events. Miss an event, or have one cancelled, and you lose out on tokens. So it’ll be like grinding tokens at your own pace.

I think it depends on the event; I think the notion of “having to complete every event” is stupid, as players should be prioritizing the important prizes, while keeping in mind resource-to-prize ratio. If the 1% of the prize is locked behind a paywall(and that 1% prize is like a Brady or something), there’s really no need to get upset over that lost Brady. (Eg: Black market cigerettes had people upset that they could only get like 90% of the rewards, with the remaining 10% being low quantities of 3* trainers. Even at a certain point, I didn’t buy additional cigarettes with league tokens because it wasn’t worth it.)

So if players want to get in a fit to complete everything, it either has to be worth the resources or they’re just blinding using resources/spending in events that don’t warrant it. If it’s the latter, it’s a good wake-up call that they should learn to use their resources more wisely. I’d personally just hit the main prizes first, then rely on regular energy to see how far I’d get with bonus prizes.

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Oh that’s great news

I want to know what to do with all these whisky bottles.

And also where quality control is. Whisky and whiskey are not the same thing, so I’m apparently getting knock-off whisky somewhere along the way. Smh

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