Saviors reckoning is a let down

I can’t believe this is the event they’ve hyped up and expecting people to be super happy over

An event where all 30 members of a faction must collect a badge every day for 12 days out of a 14 day event

For a grand reward of 280 s class cards and 15 basils

Is anyone excited for this ?


Who hyped it up? I haven’t seen Scopely say anything implying we need to get excited for it. They barely mentioned it until their announcement today.

Also if all faction members collect all 30 badges then they get a minimum 560 S Class cards or 1400 if they choose an older toon. 280-700 for the daily badge and and another 280-700 for completing the faction missions. Plus 17,500 armory tokens. All for simply doing our normal raids.

I got 30 whisky bottles in 8 raids. You don’t even need to burn cans for this.

If the event is that much of a let down just think you are getting extra rewards for doing what you would be doing anyways.


I mean I have seen it being hyped up, on here, their facebook and by the content creators scopely shares, plus any event they plan shouldn’t be about a little extra reward , it should be the main focal point of the event itself

2 weeks work for 560 cards of a toon you need 10,000 for is garbage

Plus what are you meant to do with the extra badges you earned ?they’re only rewarding us 5 keys, that’s enough to complete the basil collection and that’s it, so we are earning up to 14 badges and only only to use 1, unless you spend of course

Obviously as a company they need paying elements to events, but this is grossly lacklustre in comparison to recent events like the golden kendama

They could at least have offered keys as a daily reward or top milestone reward, that way the p2p can redeem as many times as possible but still giving the f2p something to work towards

Ain’t nobody excited for 560 cards and 15 basils

If you think it’s a good event that’s great, but I and from what I can see on discord many others , are hugely let down


Its basically another way to get shards like the daily map. Most of us raid everyday anyway so just take what you can.


That’s my point though

For an event like this that they had planned and created by a team, we should be more excited than “take what you can”

We should be excited to earn rewards and work together as a faction like the event had said

Give us an event where we can be like “let’s do this” ! Not “take what you can”


The way I see it is they are running multiple events at the same time, this is not the prime event, Doc is. If they continue to run these 2 week events giving us extra rewards in addition to a main event that is a good structure.

I’m not saying the amount of rewards is good but for the amount of effort needed in this event (about 140 raid wins over two weeks) that’s well within regular gameplay.

You’ll see my Discord comment about premium items so I won’t bother repeating it here.

This event is definitely nothing to be excited about and frankly the only people talking about it were those questioning what it was about until you provided the leaks this morning. It’s just another thing to do while we play.

I guess I keep my expectations for events low because we’ve had so many horrible events that an event that is easily done (minus premium content) within a few days is not something that I get let down about.


I can respect your thoughts and opinions on it, specifically it not being their main event

I just feel they can do better, especially when it was tipped to be a faction event about working together

I was hoping for something worth working together over


I do like the idea of engaging the whole faction in missions to complete the event but I don’t think this event does that very well, I think back to the Pathways event where there was plenty of tasks the whole faction had to help out in, and I was thinking this event might have more missions like that, but this doesn’t really do that. As long as you are in an active faction the event will be easy to do.

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Read my mind per my last comment.

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I didn’t see any hype so don’t feel let down by it in that regard, but I think it’s okay considering its not too intensive a requirement, and mixes faction-wide effort into it. Structurally it’s good. Prizes… I can accept 1k average shards for what you need to do (Free energy + maybe a refill per day if unlucky)

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When I think to an event about working together I remember that region event where everyone in the region worked together for some rewards and they had daily updates and stuff

The rewards weren’t super in hindsight but it was a really cool idea and event

If they’re going to make the prizes sub par, at least make the event fun

A boring event with less than desirable prizes ticks neither box

Either make it fun or make it worthwhile


My region didn’t even get Lori from that event. But I liked that event. Events that promote region activity and especially activity within factions are good for the game and should happen way more.


Definitely. I dont think I got lori either, sure I got her shears and that was it lol

I guess I dont feel the whole thing is worth the label of “event” its more like a bonus mission

Someone on discord said a bottle trade in would have been good too, x amount of bottles for something as a museum collection

That would let the p2p players get their boxes and such but give the f2p players something to work on also

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Another thing I don’t like about recent events is the limited options for S Class collectibles. I’m glad they have included some more recent toons, and the scaling where newer toons have a lesser quantity than older shards makes sense. But I feel they should be including all toons as options. Have choice boxes within choice boxes (Woah a box in a box!)

Box 1 Pete, Priya, Raulito, Laopo, Hengyen
Box 2 Aarav, Guo, Daiyu, Princess, Mercer
Box 3 Minerva, Frost, Louis, Davie, Tiffany
Box 4 Clem, Shiva, Gentleman, Rosita, Eugene

Like that or slightly smaller or larger groups. So many players are at different places that limited selection is a turn off. If you don’t need any cards from an events why bother participating. Have a box of newer toons so that players that do buy toons have more recent toons to go after since they likely have older toons but also give players a chance to pick up older toons that they haven’t been able to get yet.


@Twisty thanks for sharing your feedback because it made me think harder about this event and more so what they could have done to improve this event. I’ll be providing deeper feedback with potential ideas for future events that improve on current short comings


This should be a daily collection at this point … 20 cards in a choice box really ? As dude said 2 weeks to collect 500 cards for 1 stupid toon ! Really lol by the. Time you get the toon at this rate it will be outdated or maybe that’s scopleys big plan I guess

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For a week or however long this thing last will all the collections, missions, etc… there should be a lot more to it regardless of how much they pimped it or not. Its like “oh cool a new thing… well got 30 whisky bottles and my badge for the day. That was fun. Let me go get my credit card to buy more…”

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Why not just have all in the same choice box then? You’re just adding pointless busywork.

Different quantity of cards based on age