Savior's Path stage 6

i played stage 6 of savior’s path today and got destroyed. i have an S6 rated team and used a maxed out Legend faction supporter. after i couldn’t make a dent in 1 toon my 1st time around, i checked their stats. they had stats in the 3000 -4000 point range for all 3 categories. that doesn’t seem like a proper stage rated for S5++

has anyone else experienced this? is this a bug? this was a waste of 10 broken lucilles

Yes but the rest stages is easy again

I finished savior’s path with my S6+ team, i used 2 revives and im doing fine.

Unfortunately it sounds about right. I don’t usually pay attention to the stage rating, I don’t trust it to be accurate.

Maybe you need to adjust your team or you were using the wrong faction supporter?

if i would have barely lost or something then maybe some adjustments could be made. but this was a slaughter. i have completed the Governor’s Path with no problems. And completed the 1st 5 stages of Savior’s with no issues. then here comes stage 6 that an S9 would struggle with. my opponents consisted of 4 star players. (i remember Heather for sure). but like i said, their stats were through the roof. Attack, HP and Defense were all at 3000+. the more i have thought about this the more i know there is something wrong. but it would be weird if it was just me that experienced this i guess.

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The Whisperer’s path was like that. I have an S9++ team (very close to S10) and was breezing through until I hit stage 7. I got to the 3rd round with full health and ARs on my team, then got wiped without making a dent in any of the toons. Mind you, the map is supposedly rated at S8++.

I tried again, only to find that the map was now nearly all walkers with only one round of human opponents. My team isn’t really optimized for those, but I worked through it without an issue.

The ratings are very misleading and some of the maps are a pure attempt to siphon off some of your items.

interesting. Ya they are making it too obvious that they want you to lose a round and waste your items.
it sucks because i think i was thinking i would barely have enough to finish that path. unless there is more walker hordes battles. or somehow make it to 7000 level ups.

well, i will try again when i have enough and see how it goes.

i have a boat load of broken masks, but there is no way i could compete on the regular path. was hoping to unlock the shortcut and try that. but if i am just wasting my time, maybe i will turn those masks into trainers.

As a FYI, there should be 2 horde events coming up. There is the possibility that you can just test your own defence and it would count towards a horde battle, so if it does, just spam yourself.

Regarding level ups, it’s much easier to level 1* and 2* to max tier 1. Just cash in your basic tokens and level those crappy characters.

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Just 1 Hordes event, JB was mistaken when he said 2 and clarified. Still not clear if testing your own defense counts but here’s to hoping.

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