Saviors are recruiting! Come and join us

Very active faction looking for active members. We are the oldest faction in the region, the solid core has been with us since the beginning, practically we’re family. :smiley: Please serious enquiries only. Contact me @line id : iamicubot.


How is the recruitment going?

Sounds good but I’m stuck in wave 1 :pensive:

Love the effort with the poster :slight_smile:


It is pretty dope

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@iAmiCuBot how’s it going?

Hey all. We are 17th position in CRW with 23/30 members. And 4 of them have scored 0 till now. If we can get active members, we can guarantee a top 15 position, heck probably even top 10. Message me on line, lineID:iamicubot . Or leave a comment and tell me ur prefered way of communication

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Carrier pigeons.

Alright hopefully mine will reach you by next transfer region :stuck_out_tongue:

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Watch out for hawks. During WW1, Germany trained birds of prey to predate on carrier pigeons to disrupt the allied communication…

Anyway, good luck on the recruiting effort from a fellow Cleburner (THX4dropp¥n)


Interesting, how did the hawks know if it were german or allied birds, or hell even hostile birds. xD … Thanks for passing by to the forums :slight_smile:

Yspammer, ur from Cleburne?

They looked for the swastika armband, or more accurately wing band…

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Yes. It’s in my forum profile, btw :wink:

Are seen, doh lol

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Update: We still have a 2 more spots left. Hit me up!!

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Recruitment seems to be going well, good to hear!

Yes it is cas! Very very well :slight_smile:

Can I lead your faction?

If I join do I get exemption from half of my shit being yours?