Savior Roadmap question

I’m close to the end of this roadmap and should finish it as soon as I get my 7000 level ups.

Anyone know what each stage was? I still hate that they give you no idea if its walkers or humans.

Specifically Stage 8-10 is all I have left. Just want to make sure I don’t waste the limited collection items I have.

Stage 8 has 4 stages; 1st is walkers, 2nd is a tough set up, 3rd is walkers and 4th is a strong set up.

Stage 9 is all toons and the same for stage 10, I recall facing a payback Negan on wave 2 of stage 10 just FYI but it’s nothing too difficult :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if anyone can tell you what’s on 8. It may be randomized like it is for the Whisperer map. 9 and 10 should be all humans though.

It shouldn’t be hard if you have a decent team though, I just auto’d through everything.

thanks, just finished 8. Was 3 walker waves followed by alert/strong humans on 4th wave so yea was a bit different but not hard. Now I just a few more broken lucilles to finish the last 2 stages.

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