Saving war tokens

If I save my war tokens will they work for the new wheel? It ends in 8 days and I’m not sure what to do. I dont want any on this wheel.

Nope, they will be converted.

Says it right on the screen…



That’s if you claim them right?

If you don’t claim them they get converted to supply points.

I’m really more sure about that…

Leave them in your inbox… you don’t claim them


They will get converted if you do not use them. It is painful for players who can not make a pull in time.

If you leave them in your inbox they won’t expire for 30 days and you should be able to use them on the next wheel.

Scopely countered this last time by changing it to 1000 for a pull instead of 100. No idea why they hate their player base saving their tokens to use at their own discretion but thats how they are.

Now will they change something again to counter it? Who knows but its probably worth the risk if you don’t want anything from this outdated wheel.


That’s what I meant grave… if I dont claim them they will stay in inbox


Yep and they will change to purple ‘placeholder’ tokens until the next war starts then they will change back to war tokens. That is when you claim them


Thanks grave

Didn’t realize you meant inbox.

No prob!

They’ll likely raise the bar to 10,000 tokens needed for a pull next time


my concern is last time when scopley gave 1000 free tokens in box they also gave only 2 days time to collect them from inbox

2 days is enough to collect rewards…

The last time I left them in my inbox, they were converted to purple tokens whilst still in the inbox.

If I save war tokens in inbox :incoming_envelope: and not claim them, will they pass for another ?

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Yeah they change to the purple tokens until a new war wheel comes out then they will change back.

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Ahhhh damn, I collected accidentally. Ages ago though tbf

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