Saving orange quills in inbox? Will this trick work?

What happens if we try to save orange quills in inbox like we did with old war tokens ? Can they be used in 2nd segment? I contacted the support and they said they aren’t sure and don’t guarantee any loss lol! I haven’t claimed them yet


Will be exciting to see

Theoretically it will work, although I’m not sure why you would want to.

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Maybe on the next segment theyll be the new s class 8* yellow ones

Now that you posted it on here highly unlikely

As GR said in another post, it doesn’t count them until you “collect” them, something in your inbox has yet to been collected.

Technically, they shouldn’t have any reason/be able to strip you of those rewards if the expiry time is stated as 29d, as then they would be going against their own restrictions as is advertised on your screenshot. They’d probably find a loophole stating that offers can changed at any time or something along those lines.

You were better off just saving and not posting :sweat_smile:

Let us know though. Good luck!

They will probably change colour for the next round.

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With how the game works, I would expect that they are actually different collectibles that just look the same (or even ones that look different).

War tokens worked because they were recruits and rewards tokens, and they kept reusing them. While they do also reuse collectibles once in a while (like Javier’s screwdrivers), generally they don’t.

If you don’t need it this round, there’s no harm. Good luck.

Im saving them in inbox too. Theres a timer and it shows when it will expire. If they take it away im confident i can just complain and get it back.

In theory it should, the 30 day claim period shouldn’t expire. The feather being used in the next stage is the same. Please report back with your findings (:

I had both orange and red quills , and wanted to collect “a” so I was unsure what quill I shud use … btw I used red one and taking risk for orange ones … since i want them to b usable in 2nd segment @Katolo

I was afraid of it Haha… but it’s already a big risk anyways since they aren’t answering it properly

Haha … will do …

Knowing scopes , they actually cud , don’t give them ideas :smile::smile:

Yeah I’m just saving to take the risk and check it if it’s possible or not , otherwise I have already collected 3 arrows

They said they aren’t going to compensate anything if it’s lost, still I’m with u bro :wink:

That’s wat support isn’t agreeing to