Saving my SR cans

Only reward that interest me for this event is the SR can for completing bronze.

Maybe I’m an outlier, or this may be a good example of how the reward structure should not be.


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I would upvote yours if I could.

It’s possible to not use a single SR can and still finish this SR, but sleep is more important :slight_smile: That said however, legendary completion is only a hand crank radio. T3/T4 gear is overrated to me.

T3 gear do not interest me as I do not have the medals to ascend any more toon.

T4 gear would interest me as I have 10 T3 maxed toons waiting for gear to T4. Had there been guaranteed T4 gear in there I might have fought for it.

The problem is, last SR tourney, someone stated on here that SR tourney rewards were good and the only one worth going for. Scopely saw that and said, “Damn, they’re right, we need worse rewards there”. Low and behold, they ruined SR. Lesson is, shut the hell up on these forums about anything good, they will just use it against us.


I wish legendary completion offered a Benedict. All the prizes just get worse and worse. Given time, 1st place war prize will be a crate of smelling salts.

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