Save your burts, Brady’s, and basil for Lori

My faction buddies told me when we get the 28 Lori tokens we will have 4 days to level her up to tier 4 level 80. Check the clock on the museum. So PSA if you want a free ascend without using 5* save all your trainers now. Good. Luck


It’s good to not use medals. But honestly, she might be a little low on my ascendance queue.


I got a Lori from ascending 4* to 5*, placed her on some search’s and ended up ascending her on this lvl up wasting some trainers. It is always good to ascend a toon without wasting the medal’s

She hits so weak but hey a 6* is a 6*.
She’ll be my 3rd lol

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Or start today, and begin cooking 753 2* citizens (you were saving those shirts, gloves, and survivors during the 1st part of the month, right?). One TG produces 96 2* a day, in 8 days you’ll have enough. Sell 15 Army radios/school bags to the depot, each is worth 1.5million when claiming food from the depot, 15 will get you 22.5 million in food. You can level her to t4l80 in an hour, with most of the time spent buying all the food one click at a time :tired_face:


I ascended mine the about 20 hours after she became ascendable, no grind or medals needed and I’ll just keep the giveaway Lori as a 5* since I have another Lori at tier 4 lvl 72 5*

You’re kinda late on the plan, man…

If you haven’t already been saving for most of the month, it’ll be tougher.

I’m well on it, I got over 40 Brady’s so far, was saving for FLUT. But now I think I’ll use them for Lori.

No :poop: Sherlock :wink:

753 citizens to max her. That’s only a week’s worth of training. Burn some salvage tokens and cans on stage 23 and build up a training ground about 8 days before the end.

My worry is you can bet we won’t have a level up in that 3/4 day period although I haven’t checked the calendar…

I was wondering that. With all the constant lvl ups it would be typical one wouldn’t be running during that time :joy::joy:

Calendar shows every monday+tuesday levelup

If you watch some of the 3 coin videos every day, then buy some Lori tokens in the shop, it should give you an extra day or two

True, solo level up starting on the 28th* when all F2P should get her. If only I’d checked the calendar before casting such flippant aspersions on Scopley

*subject to change

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Proper planning prevents piss poor performance

I’m actually ahead of schedule but I had some maxed T3 to upgrade & it was more efficient to use the excess food from moving survivors from Legendary training to Citizen training than having to lose half of it in crafting heals. I’ve also been hammering all the gear maps so plenty of walkie-talkie & school bags to sell in the supply depot to buy the almost 21M food all those 2☆ will need to max Lori in an hour or so.

So instead of using 8 bennies, we spend 16 basil, 32 bradys and 17 burts for a “free” ascendance? :wink:

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Ugh I will have to do it in 3 days cause of the stash reset & token mess up… Fun

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Don’t forget the medals :wink:

If you already ascended her from the museum on the first day without using 5*, there will be an additional second attempt to do the same thing? Or this only for people that did not get to take advantage of the 1st museum ascendance that was then taken away? Is this rumor or scopely announcement? Thanks and sorry I can’t keep up with all of this strategery… not since the Nintendo Power days… there is a second museum ascendance for Lori that will just appear at the end, yes or no? Or only the one for those that missed the first opportunity? I seem to remember there was some sort of scandal if you didn’t ascend the first day in museum.

Lori only needs to be tier 4 level 1. Not 80. This has been the case for almost all collection toons.

The first 3 toons is only 400k points in level up. ALot of players do 1.25 or 2 million in a 1 day tourney. So 4 days is cake. Could probably do right now without saving in 1 hour.

I ascended that 4* Maggie Scopely gave us a couple of months ago and got Lori. Leveled her up and ascended her through the museum. During that token mixup I received 2 extras for some reason and now have 24/28. Have not received 1 for today yet. This event is more mixed up than you think. Some are way ahead and some are far behind the clock.

Did not buy tokens boxes as there was no need too.