Save this Lucille tokens event


Been playing this since basically day one and I can say this is the worst event scopely has thrown together. A stage every bunch of days. Give me a break.

Save this event by dropping tokens in raids. Even if they are as small as 1,2,3,4,5… it still gives the players SOMETHING to do. We want action… not five minutes of a roadmap and then cooldown after one pull.


To be honest. Dont think even that could save the event. Ive not had a single 6* gear drop of all my tokens. And ive finished top 3 in a couple of tournaments for lucille token rewards. These should be easily accessible considering the lack of actual 6* gear droppimg from them. Its a big dissappointment man.


No, no, no, no, no. The Karlson Halloween event was by far worse than this. But the Lucille Token event (that doesn’t include anything involving Dwight, as far as I am concerned these are two seperate events running simultaneously) has been pretty poo.


I mean… how many pills will we get in a 42 day event? 7-10??


A boring, lazy attempt at an event. Cobbled together by clueless people who, I imagine, barely play the game.


I want to hear about this Karlson event.


That event was so bad you’re the only one who remembers it :joy:


A bunch of 10 year olds saying “And then Negan was like, PEW PEW” is not a good storyline IMO.

Seems like Scopely asked their children to write TWD fanfic. And didn’t we just have the “little kids tell stories” trope for the Shiva Force junky 5* rubbish?


Not only that, but for me personally, it takes away everything awesome about all of these characters having them in this story. The fact that Governor is alive annoys me to no end. Never mind seeing how thes characters interact with each other. It’s just a little bit on the nose. Shiva Force and Lucille squad (or whatever it is called… so bad I can’t even remember it at the moment) is just ridiculous.

But back to the main point, the drop rate of lucille tokens is poor, and the drop rate of canteens/gps/whetstone/hockey mask etc is deplorable. Michonne head anyone?


In hindsight, that wasn’t the most accurate title to give it. I just remember it being related to Karlson and had a “horror” theme. It was officially The Terror Token Event.


Btw the worst event ever was that “Halloween event” that basically was just some bags for 2500 coins each


I mean that wasn’t an event. It was a one day bag that people didn’t even know about. This is a 42 day event that coincides with a readily of a new game mode. Truly pitiful.


Just wait for the thanksgiving event guys. It will top this one and then we’ll all be complaining about that one being the worst. Then it’s christmas and then that one will be the worst.

Make a New Years resolution now and just drop the game and save yourself the disappointment of next years debacle events that will top the one before it.


Theres a token event going on? Honestly i completely forgot about it till i saw this thread. I guess that tells you how much of an event it is. Smh.


It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t add long coats, shields, ect. But yeah, I kinda feel it’s a drag, especially when I pull 3 tripods, that breaks my brain, and the one pull a week sucks too, I’m holding out hope (failing at holding out hope) that a epic gear map and a legendary gear map comes along, so far, no word.


I got 2 epics from it, so theres still hope.


So far got a canteen, Romanov and Glenn from the pull. Consider myself lucky already.


the problem is they included gps and canteens.
So naturally they had to make it very limited in their minds.

This was a continuation of the first 7 day event.

Personally I am heavily disapointed in this “new threat” event.
Everything about it was so meh.

None of the events got me really going.
The milestones during this event were discouraging.

It’s been a quiting period more then anything.

The only exitement i have is basically just working on armory stuff

and these new tickets are cool but i just feel like they are gonna be overpriced
compared to the value you get out of them.


So many “BAD” so called “EVENTS” it would probably be easier to name one or two good ones, that said the Christmas ornaments event would probably rank up on top as bad.